Our company is a Hong Kong based enterprise established since 1950's. Due to increasing volume and clientele demands, we expanded our manufacturing capacity in the heart of Shenzhen (mainland China) and made it our China base since the year 1979. Our manufacturing plant situated on 20 acres of prime land for easy transports and logistics abilities. With 13,000 square meters of modern facilities which employees over 300 workers.

We manufacture a series of different kind of high quality zippers, knitting and garment accessories to wide range of business sectors. In order to meet the high standards of our customers, all production lines are supported by skill technicians, from raw materials to dying process all the way to the end products. We employ the most recent structural and environmental standards used by the European countries and the United States as our production guide lines. Our products includes all types of metals, vision(plastic), nylon, invisible and rhinestones zippers, which can be use in bags, garments, foot wears and etc.. Production capacity includes all kinds of open-end and close-end zippers with an average of 2.8 million pieces per month.

As to our knitting department, we manufacture ribs for collar and cuff with all kinds of yarns such as acrylic, cottons, polyester and polyester spun yarn. We produce an average of 5,000 kgs of knitted ribs per month.

All products at each critical process are being monitor for excellent quality control to ensure best products deliver to our customers.

Further to our zippers and knitting products, we also specialize in many other fashion accessories such as hook and eye rivet tape, plastic snap botton tape, rhinestone elastic tape, wearing label, leather patch and etc.

Most of our products are being exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, United States and all regions of China. Both of our China base and our Hong Kong office are always on the look of meeting new challenge and expand our vision to new grounds. The quality of our products is guarantee, our services are noble and our prices are competitive. Please contact us through our website, e-mail or call us any time if you have any enquiries on any of our products.

本公司為一家港資企業,創建於20世紀50年代,生產提供一系列高質素的拉鍊產品和服裝配件。 為配合業務拓展,1979年在深圳市中心設立新的生產基地,佔地二十畝,廠房面積一萬三千平方米,僱用超過三佰名員工。

為迎合市場所需,本公司引進先進的生產機械設備,採用先進的美國和歐洲標準,每月生產達到環保要求的尼龍、塑膠、隱形、鑽石及各類金屬拉鍊,包括開尾、密尾拉鍊二佰捌拾萬條,用於手袋、鞋類以至各類成衣,以供不同的需求。 此外,本公司也有專門生產針織袖、領、腳及尼龍織釦的生產線,每月生產針織產品約伍仟公斤。 所有生產過程均在嚴格監管下進行,確保品質優良。


本公司產品多輸往東南亞、歐洲、美洲及大部份中國地區,更積極拓展業務至世界各地。 歡迎各位前來指導,來樣訂做,無任歡迎。 我們確保提供完善、優良之服務,如有任何疑問,請賜電查詢。

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